They both really launch it, high and far. When the 712 generation is compared to the new 714’s, the 714 generation has a sole that features more camber, as well as a pre-worn leading edge. Can anyone tell me what the discernible differences between the 710 series and 712 series are? While the AP2 irons are bulky by Titleist's standards, the AP1 heads are noticeably larger and the top edge is also broader. The 714 iron generation looks small and thin. The 716 7 iron was indeed a 1/2 club longer, but I attribute that to the 2 degree stronger lofts (33* vs 31*) and lighter shaft. Category: Game-Improvement Irons Price: $800, steel; $1,000, graphite WE TESTED: 4–GW with True Temper XP 95 steel shaft KEY TECHNOLOGIES: A 28-gram … We have strengthened the lofts of the 6-W by one degree so here are the new lofts of the 714 AP2's. When the 712 generation is compared to the new 714’s, the 714 generation has a sole that features more camber, as well as a pre-worn leading edge. The 714's will be in my bag by the end of the year. We’ll Help You Get Loose. gm) shafts. Looking down at the club from above, you have no idea this is not a muscle back. I don’t have access to a launch monitor, but it was about a 20-yard difference between … That makes the iron feel more solid at impact. However if you are low single figure player who does not shape this … While I'm sure there is nothing wrong with the 712's, I understand the improvements in the 714's give them a reason for serious consideration. Ridiculous for 7 irons. Just like previous AP2 generations, the 714 irons are forged from 1025 carbon steel, which gives them a soft and solid feel. A higher CG produces a lower, more penetrating trajectory that most golfers prefer from their higher-lofted irons. I truly love the look of the AP2 but I am a solid … My problem was the 714s were 6-8 yards longer and left a nasty lil gap between them and my vokies wedges. Just my 2 cents. In the short irons, we raised the CG, narrowed the sole and moved the Tungsten so that it is easier to control trajectory. October 02, 2013 at 04:39 AM The feel was almost the same to me. I still have my 714 AP2 irons and use them when traveling by air (checking clubs). Hi Tim,  I don't have your individual iron specs as we no longer have those spec sheets, but here are the standard specs and yours were .5" longer and 2 up from there. What’s also really interesting here is that the irons … Still like both. Better and more solid feel through the turf - we improved the sole design by smoothing down the leading edge so that it reduced digging at entry and we added progressive camber which will help control the divot length. The Titleist 716 AP1 iron is the next evolution of the AP1 model last tweaked in 2013, but this time the changes are more significant. The 714 AP2 is a good-looking blade with tremendous forgiveness. They both really launch it, high and far. In the long irons, the upper cavity was trimmed to 2.1 millimeters, which allowed more weight to be moved to the perimeter of the irons. Ridiculous for 7 irons. The T100 replaces the AP2; the T200 comes in for the AP3 and the T300 replaces the AP1. Haven't registered for Team Titleist yet? The tungsten inserts account for approximately 20 percent of the club head’s weight. The differences between the 712 AP2 and the 714 AP2 are threefold. Now Titleist has readdressed the situation with the T Series. As if choosing your new Titleist 718 irons wasn’t difficult enough, THEY ADDED THE AP3!!!. Many of you who play Titleist AP2 irons probably don't realise that you a playing with a tour iron, but you are. I also found them to be a few yards longer than the 712's. Fine tuning the vibration of the golf club to specific frequencies produces a satisfying sound at impact. Tungsten is used to impact an iron’s performance in ways that steel can’t. AP1: The Titleist AP1 712 irons became their best-selling model in 2013, but these game improvement irons have been even further improved in the 714 series. There is also something to be said that most TT pros are gaming AP2s over the blades. For that matter, what new features will the 714 series bring over the 712 … A lot of it has to do with warranty. Thanks for your input! I've had my 712 irons for 10 days and have played 2 rounds. Titleist 716 AP1 irons review The AP1 3-7 irons have 42g of tungsten on average, 50% more than 714 while the AP2 3-7 irons have 56g of tungsten on average, 25% more than 714. Equipment counts courtesy of Darrell Survey. Just like previous AP2 generations, the 714 irons are forged from 1025 carbon steel, which gives them a soft and solid feel. ©2020 Acushnet Company. If possible take the two 7 irons to a chipping green and … Since you can't differentiate between the two on long game performance, there might be a difference in short game performance. All rights reserved. Category: Better-Player Irons Price: $1,100, steel; $1,300, graphite WE TESTED: 4–PW with True Temper XP 95 steel shaft and True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft … These Titleist iron are amazing. If it helps, I've played with just about everything out there and Titleist's quality stands above the others.. Will i be able to buy just the 714 AP1 heads? It weighs 97 grams in the Senior flex, 99 in Reg, 101 in Stiff and 105 in the X flex   It kicks it up higher than your standard DYG shafts and is much lighter so if your tempo is smooth, you may also gain some speed. The flight has been improved - the long irons are easier to hit in the air because we have lowered the CG, and precision placed a high density Tungsten in the dual cavity. The long irons produced a penetrating ball flight with a soft landing. He has a profound passion for the game of golf along with extensive experience and knowledge regarding planning and strategy for golf operations, rules of golf, tournament operations and golf swing fundamentals. I have the 714 AP1 irons, my son is a PGA Pro so I have tried the 716 ap1 the only difference is the 716 is a little longer because they at 2 degrees stronger than the 714 and the heads are a litter bigger which … The Titliest 714 CB Irons are successors to the 712 CB irons and due to their popularity then Titleist have just made a few tweaks to the 714 version. Tungsten is a key component because of its density. It was somewhat difficult to keep shots down with the AP1’s, but then again, I had very little problem getting a ball into the air, even with the long irons. To increase the forgiveness, Titleist worked to balance a small club head design with an increase in the Moment of Inertia (MOI). Does anyone have more wisdom about the 714's -- pros AND cons? I'm thinking about a little different configuration since I've been loosing some distance (with age) and my distance maxes out with my 6 iron. My fitter explained I hit them equally as well but I chose the API. So now that the range is sequenced correctly, what we … Just an opinion (and we all have one),  but if I were buying clubs that I might be playing for several seasons, I would spend the little extra (maybe 10-20 bucks a club) to have the set that is technologically up to date. I am currently playing 714 AP1 and when I got fitted was on the fence between the AP1 and AP2. It’s almost twice as heavy as steel and there’s an average of 43 grams of tungsten in each club head. That's the same issue I had 3 weeks ago. These enhancements were made throughout then entire iron set for better turf interaction, particularly in firm conditions. Pros: Titleist’s 714 CB and MB offer no-nonsense looks and a soft, forged iron feel for all the feedback accomplished golfers need for precision iron play. Their goal is to improve the AP2 iron in three distinct areas: flight, forgiveness, and feel. Titleist AP2 714 Irons . This means that on less-than-perfect shots with the 714 AP2′s, the golf ball will end up a little closer to the intended target with a straighter ball flight than previous generations. Considering that the performance between the two is negligible, it makes … I had the same problem with these sets and am still making my decision. It’s not as long as the AP1 but the seven-iron loft is one degree weaker, so you are splitting hairs on distance. Compared to the forged 714 CB irons, the 714 AP2 irons will not give you as much feedback or be as easy to shape. I had a set that I gave to my wife. Do notice a difference in foregiveness with the 716 AP2 irons. They look very nice. Compared with the 712 AP2 irons, the 714 irons are one degree stronger (the pitching wedge has 46 degrees of loft). The ability to control the spin with the new 714 irons is fantastic. With these certifications, he is among the 1% of PGA members that hold multiple PGA Certifications. I also found them to be a few yards longer than the 712's. You can pick up a good condition set of Titleist 714 or 716 CB irons for about $400, which is a 1/3 of the price of the T series irons. My problem was the 714s were 6-8 yards longer and left a nasty lil gap between them and my vokies wedges. Titleist has stuck with the dual cavity design as well as the same color scheme for the AP2s. The increased MOI produces more ball speed and less club head twisting on miss-hits. Now that your iron game is straightened out, take a look at how you can grind your way to better golf with the Titleist Vokey SM5 Wedges. Titleist’s engineers were able to trim extra weight from the irons by designing a dual-cavity. I have the tour ad shafts in my 712 AP1 and im wanting to keep them. Confirmed. That’s right! With Titleist's Tour seeding and validation process in the books, the equipment manufacturer officially unveiled its 718 Series irons this week. Tungsten was the big tech story in the 716 AP1 and it is again a key material in the construction of these irons. Traditionally, Titleist has produced simple, classical-looking irons with small heads and thin top edges. Additionally, the short irons have thinner soles which move the CG higher in the club head. Designed with forgiveness and … Cathi provided the final specs of the new AP2 irons (714 series) and as she noted, the lofts were strengthened one degree on the 6 - W. Hello Cathi; Have any of these changes been made to the AP1's also? By Benjamin T. Great insight. I'll be replacing my driver, 3 wood and 2 hybrids with titleist soon. Ben, Is there a big performance and price difference between the two? I don’t have access to a launch monitor, but it was about a 20-yard difference between … I have the AP1 4&5 iron, but neither gives me any more distance than the 6 iron, so I'm thinking about a 4&5 hybrid. The feel was almost the same to me. I currently have the 712's and am seriously considering the 714's. … Many of our customers are asking how the AP3 fits into the line up. “Precision Engineered for Advanced Performance” is Titleist’s tagline for the new 714 AP2 irons. I tested both and really liked the new 714 design. Some pros on tour play AP2'S and you gain shot shaping capability and more spin due to the more conventional lofts on the irons. (712 W is 50* - 714 W is 48*) The 712s didn't have that gap issue. The current iron market is trending this way, with most manufacturers trying to develop a classic look to their forged blade with crazy forgiveness. The compact, forged irons used by Jason Dufner to win the 2013 PGA Championship have as much forgiveness as the largest cast iron Titleist has ever produced. As someone who has been a Titleist loyalist for years, I just got fit for the 714s, the new AP2s are great and with the adjustments they made from the 712s it is well worth the money for the upgrade. I also play with a set of 716 AP1 irons … Equipment counts courtesy of Darrell Survey. So it does prove that the 1* is correct. The tungsten is positioned low and toward the edges of the head, which lowers the center of gravity (CG) and increases moment of inertia (MOI). Our field testing proved all of the above-mentioned features to be true. The flight has been improved by launching the long irons higher for more distance through maximized carry and enhanced stopping control. I'm considering the new 714 AP2 irons, but may opt for the 712 AP2's. Naturally, one would think that the AP3 would come after the AP2, and serve as a player iron.However, the AP3 fits in between … The stronger lofts will encourage a lower ball flight that will increase the distance those clubs travel as well. Good luck. The long irons will be easier to hit high, which should translate into more distance, the 7-W have stronger lofts so it will be easier to flight shots  - you may even see an increase in distance if your spin on the 712's was too high. I did a little research and found Titleist made the 714s a few degrees stronger than the 7… I do completely understand their reasoning. Alan Unruh is a Class “A” member of the PGA of America, and holds PGA Certifications in General Management, Golf Operations and Player Development. Are they a True Temper shaft? Cons: Not much difference between these and the 712 CB and MB irons… The AP1 and AP2 irons with their larger heads and more decorated cavity backs were a break from that tradition. Titleist’s new 714 AP2 irons are as forgiving as the original 712 AP1 irons. The AP3 is Titleist’s latest iron and the one that appeals to low and high handicappers. I moved to the 716 AP2 irons shortly after they came out. The long irons feature slightly wider soles which move more weight to the bottom of the club, producing a lower center of gravity (CG). Titleist 714 AP vs. 712 AP With subtle yet distinctive changes to their multi-material irons, Titleist is staying true to its serious golfer roots by making irons that looks and feel great, sound amazing, and … I have the classic png eye2's from 1990 and am looking for an upgrade. The 714's are also more fogiving than the 712 as we have been able to increase the MOI and still give you playability, with consistent speeds and distances. For the second consecutive iron cycle, … In the short irons, engineers did the opposite by adding weight to the upper portion of the club heads. You will get more forgiveness and speed on mishits due to the new structure in the long irons and lastly, we have improved the feel by better aligning the CG with the impact area and vibration tuned the face with the multi-layer medallion. … As in the AP2 irons, we have "pre-worn" the leading edge so that it won't dig as much and increased the camber to control the divor depth. I have hit both and the biggest difference is that the shorter scoring irons … We'll be the first time I've had the same make club all through the bag. They are amazing.. To further enhance the irons’ ball flight, Titleist strengthened the lofts of the six iron through gap wedge one degree. The Dynamic Gold golf shaft compliments this club as it has in the past. The M2 isa definite “game improvement iron”, while the M1 was similar in size and shape to my previous irons, Titleist AP1s. Can you give me any info about the new XP95 (I think that's what they're called) compared to the DG R300's that I have now? Craig; This is not an official answer, but I ask the same question about the 913D2 driver head and was told "no" that Titleist only sells complete clubs. Titleist hit the nail on the head when they said the 714 series is their most accurate iron to date. I feel that the AP2 still has those "aggressive" lines of a players club, but with the tiny bit forgiveness thats needed on our sometimes bad shots. Solid feel results when the center of gravity (CG) is moved closer to the point of impact, creating smooth entry and exit from the turf.