I then proceed to the Flash web-site to get the updated version, and a message then appears on the TV saying the version is not compatible with the TV. Channel 5 Tonight, 9pm. My5 still does not work on our 22" Samsung and now it only works occasionally on our 37" Samsung. … Some 10 months ago I bought a new Panasonic smart tv and I gather this topic is well discussed. Your destination for on-demand X-Files and Big Brother will be called My5 from today (February 12) onwards.. Channels are not registered properly unless the antenna/cable is connected correctly. Some programmes are available to watch live, or you can go back up to seven days in the guide to catch up on already broadcast programmes. As above, when using the Freeview interface, you can cast these apps from a mobile device to the TV, quite possibly using the built-in virtual Chromecast these sets provide, though other methods are available. If you don't have a device to play any catch up services you can get a fairly low-cost device purely for streaming, … This service includes many of the local and national channels you pay a whole lot more from with cable and offers HD streaming to any device, including the Amazon Fire TV Stick. 1 Smart TV brand* can get you access to great entertainment from Apple TV, BT Sport and NOW TV, without the need to plug in additional boxes or streaming sticks. Mobile apps without TV subscription packages may not give you every option for watching your favorite local channel’s shows without a cable subscription. 4 people had this problem. On Demand and Catch Up TV problems; On Demand and Catch Up TV problems If you can’t watch or access, or you're having issues with, On Demand or catch up content, run through the following checks. Twitter. But beyond the bread and butter apps, there’s a whole world of content to discover. Up until now, I have also watched 7 plus catch up on my TV. Is there any way of doing this? Check out our TV guide, pick a channel and watch shows on your computer, mobile or tablet! Much depends on where you live and the main page requests your zip code to tell you exactly what you can expect. Logo. If you don’t want to cast, then I commend the new Roku Express streaming stick, available this coming week for £30, or its £80 … They connect to your home Wi-Fi for streaming the likes of Netflix and BBC iPlayer direct to your telly. TVCatchup enables you to watch live UK TV channels for free. All forum topics; Previous Topic; Next Topic; 6 REPLIES 6. profile.country.en_GB.title. Dogs Behaving … Yet, they do help you increase the number of shows you can see for free on your mobile device. Only Samsung gives you access to the largest collection of 4K content including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Rakuten TV, and all the catch up apps you expect, all in one place at the touch of a button. It covers catch-up for four UK TV stations, Channel 5, 5Star, 5USA and Spike. Shows like BrassEye and Peep Show are all available to be viewed on demand. BBC, ITV and Channel 4, Channel 5 are on board, and more recently UKTV’s suite of channels were added, allowing access to UKTV Gold and Dave, amongst others. ** Can yiou help please? The Panasonic still has good display capabilities. Hulu Live TV has one of the widest channel selections of any of these services. I have just purchased a Samsung UE49KS7000. 5. Lovelise Sun 09-Aug-15 15:27:56. The Android TV system built into many of Sony’s 2015 TVs certainly introduced a greater amount of content to Sony’s smart TV marketplace. Chances are … Welcome to the brand new My5 Android TV app from Channel 5, bringing your favourite shows from across the Channel 5 family, including Channel 5, 5STAR, 5USA, 5SELECT, 5Spike and the Paramount Network. Catch up on your favourite Channel 5 entertainment shows, documentaries ... Never miss an episode of your favourite show on your LG Smart TV with Demand 5. Natural History Museum: World of Wonder. Please advise. Channel 5 Tonight, 7pm Catch up. How do I get catch up tv on my Sony Bravia? Home. However, with a LG Smart TV you have access to Freeview Play, a free application that not only lets you watch live TV, but also catch up on all the action you’ve missed. Is the data streaming different on … The Channel menu option allows the TV tuners to tune to available Over The Air or Basic Cable Stations and store the results in 4 distinct groups; DTV, TV, Cable DTV, and Cable TV. iPlayer, BBC News, BBC Sport, etc) and such things as YouTube, Facebook, etc, with no mention of the other tv providers. TV GUIDE; Robson Green: Walking Coast to Coast. Add message | Report | See all. Check out our TV guide, pick a channel and watch shows on your computer, mobile or tablet! Channel 5's catch-up service will no longer be known as Demand 5. CHANNELS. Add message | Report | See all. You can go way beyond terrestrial channels with a Smart TV. How do I get catch up tv on my Sony Bravia? Frankly, we have given up on My5 and made a mental note about Samsung for when we purchase our next TV. The lesson I have learnt from this is that I will not choose a TV in future based on its smart services but rely on a separate STB for this. Secrets Of Your Supermarket Food. The BBC, ITV and C5 apps are already installed. drhowells. Hulu Live TV. BBC Two . I want to add Channel 4's 'All 4' app to the TV, but can't find it when searching. TV Guide. There is a need for a box if OP's smart TV doesn't have the catch-up channels she wants. I only bought the TV in December and have installed all firmware updates … This occurs usually after about 15-20 mins and interrupts my catchup viewing considerably. D. Diana333 Novice Member. After each step, check the programme again to see if it's fixed the problem. • Catch up on the Channel 5 shows you may have missed • Register to unlock box sets, premieres and My5 Exclusives • Keep track of what you’ve watched and pick up where you left off • Use Favourites to keep shows you love in one place • Now supports Google Chromecast – … • catch up on the Channel 5 shows you may h… Ben Fogle: New Lives In The Wild. I have my suspicions about the audio capabilities not supporting surround very well. I must confess I haven't signed up for a Viera account (which seems to be a Panasonic thing), but I don't know if I should - I'm not interested in playing games - I just want to … TV guide: To find something to watch, you can use All 4's in-built TV Guide to browse forward up to seven days and see what's on across Channel 4, E4, More 4, 4 Seven, Film 4 and 4 Music. Channel 5 Tue 19 Jan 2021, 9pm. If you move the outdoor or indoor antenna, you will need to run the Auto Tuning facility again, as Auto Tuning only sets channels that are currently … ‎My5 brings you your favourite shows from across the Channel 5 family, including Channel 5, 5STAR, 5USA, 5SELECT and the Paramount Network for free. This includes the picture freezing, breaking up or buffering. Channels. Channels. Hi. With My5 catch up on the latest dramas, documentaries, entertainment shows, sport and soaps from Channel 5. What's On: Now / Next. Apps. Channel 5 on demand for my Philips smart tv has also stopped working on 12-Nov-20. Channel 5 Wed 20 Jan 2021, 9pm Catch up. The Channel 5 app is available even if you haven’t, as is the BBC iPlayer. Facebook. BBC One . Channel 5 Tonight, 8pm. Only the No. Obviously, subscription based TV services will requires some form of re-occurring payment either monthly or annually. Samsung have added Channel 4’s 4oD catch-up TV service to their range of connected Smart TVs. Whether you’re a movie buff, culture vulture or soaps addict – find the Smart TV platform with the apps that are right up your street … Find out what’s got Google … The now TV box is one of the boxes that would supply that option, I think. There are more than 70 digital channels and 15 HD channels to choose from, while a seven-day catch up guide ensures you can keep up with all your favourite TV shows. TVCatchup. 0 Kudos Reply. Ah right. Anything from your mobile phone or tablet to a games console can have TV catch up apps installed. The Secret Life of the Thames with Tony Robinson. Available through Samsung Apps, the company’s Smart TV service portal, 4oD offers thirty days worth of recently-broadcast content from the likes of Channel 4 and More 4, alongside archive content. However today I have been asked to enter my password etc. Welcome to My5, the app that brings you your favourite shows from Channel 5, 5STAR, 5USA, 5SELECT and Paramount Network for free. New Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Mute; Subscribe to RSS Feed; Highlight; Print; Email to a Friend; Report Inappropriate Content; December … Thanks, CDJ Paying a now TV sub won't get her those catch up channels. A subscription based service offers extra services like TV channels and content that are usually not available on other platforms or free TV services. I find this only happens when I watch iPlayer, 4od, ITV player etc and not when I watch Netflix. However since trying to get on demand tv I find that there is constant bufferering. No change, as far as help/information from either Samsung or Channel 5, I am afraid. The new app … Last edited: May 10, 2018. Screen goes black and mains switch has to be switched off and on to restore normal services. Dec 30, 2019 #15 JanC said: I have three 24inch TXCS500B AND … My tv is hardwired to my broadband service, but yet when I go to the internet the apps on offer are several BBC channels (e.g. Also, mobile apps are also available for some other TV cable channels. However, when I log into channel 4 and go to the programme I want to watch through the browser (there is no app for Channel 4) it ends up saying I need an updated version of Adobe Flash. Seems a bit crap that the subscription doesn't. “We’re pleased … Re: Loss of access to All 4 On Demand via Smart TV and Tablet Go to solution Just want to say to anyone who comes across this forum post (it is the ranked no.1 on Google when you type "all4-011 error" into Google, so I'm guessing there might be a few of you), brookheather's reccomendation worked a treat for me. Get Hulu The box has the channels does it? Pretty much all subscription based services will offer on demand, catch up and Smart TV services as part of their package. before I can access 7 plus on my tv. More catch-up TV has benefits for everyone, and even if you have a pay-TV subscription you no longer have to plan your life around TV schedules. Whether you want to catch-up with the latest, unmissable must-watch shows or binge-watch some classic favourites from our archive, there’s a lot to discover on My5. Smart TVs and your entertainment boxes from Virgin, Sky, Freeview and similar might also have them available - although depending on the brand the amount of programming availability can vary.