Browse all books in the bestselling Pinkalicious children's book series for kids, including Peterrific, Aqualicious, Purplicious, and many more! Pinkalicious has a playdate with her friend Rosie. Product Details ... For exclusive book club value price & free shipping Books are offered at exclusively low prices and shipped to the classroom for free. The stories are about Pinkalicious Pinkerton and her younger brother Peter who live in Pinkville and love the color pink. She can tell me the story pretty much page by page now. Pinkalicious imagines creative possibilities everywhere she looks. Parents across the country love Pinkalicious, the first in a series of books by the Kann sisters. From Taj (age 4): I really really really like it. PINKALICIOUS AND PETERIFIC IS COMING TO PBS KIDS! Her parents are horrified, and rush her to the doctor, who diagnoses a case of Pinkitis, and recommends a healthy dose of vegetables. This is the same cute, pig-tailed Pinkalicious character that readers will find in the first two Pinkalicious books. She can tell me the story pretty much page by page now. A. Prater . Victoria Kann is the award-winning illustrator and author of the picture book series featuring the whimsical and effervescent character Pinkalicious. Plot Summary- Pinkalicious and her mother decide to make pink cupcakes. It looks like a charming story about a little "princess" girl who loves pink. She wears different outfits in some episodes too. However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or study., She has an adventure with a monkey at the zoo. Pinkalicious Soccer Star (Book) : Kann, Victoria : Pinkalicious and her soccer team, the Pinksters, play their first game against the Ravens, but when the ball is kicked off the field, Pinkalicious chases it and is picked up by Goldilicious for a trip around the world. She’s sure she’ll have all kinds of fun with Pinky, the visiting poodle, until she realizes that Pinky is shy and doesn’t want to play. The series premiered on PBS Kids on February 19, 2018. Victoria coauthored and illustrated the first two books, Pinkalicious and Purplicious, and co-wrote the play Pinkalicious: The Musical. In addition, she cowrote Pinkalicious: The Musical and wrote and illustrated the #1 New York Times bestsellers Goldilicious and Silverlicious. Simply drawn and very pink, she's nearly always smiling and seems confident in her way of seeing the world. From fairy dresses to cotton candy to bubblegum. 69 $14.99 $14.99. From baking pink cupcakes to painting pink pictures, Pinkalicious knows how to make any day delightfully pinkerrif ic. The cute picture on the cover is misleading. Eat lots and lots of greens. Summary: This book is about a little girl named Pinkalicious whose favorite color was pink. She has a slumber party with a dragon as a guest. Startled, she starts to choke down her veggies and finally returns to normal. Pinkalicious … My reasons for adoring this book are everyone else's reasons for hating it: the pink, sparkly cover and ultra-girly title screams, I decided to review this book as a warning to other moms. Pinkalicous has fun, fun, fun in all six books in Pinkalicious: The Pinkamazing Storybook Collection - and her listeners will, too. It was published by HarperCollins and has a total of 32 pages in the book. Ugh. Wiki 2 Pinkathusiasts are currently editing over 300 articles, 11,384 edits, and 2,355 files. Used with permission. Publisher's Summary. Pinkalicious loves pink so much, so she wants to eat a few. Pinkalicious forces herself to eat everything green that she can think of so she can return to normal. Bookshop. Pinkalicious is a stereotype to children (especially girls), and she is a selfish brat. Get it as soon as Sat, Nov 21. Pinkalicious is so happy that she is pink, she is crying tears of joy. Author Bio: Victoria Kann. The cure? I have to read it to her 2 or 3 times in a row when we do read it. She is rude and disrespectful to her parents. It looks all princessy and cute, but is all about a girl who is disobedient and naughty, sneaking in to the pink cupcakes. Pink, pink, pink. Have a pinkalicious day ! She also liked the fact that it was part of her favorite series. Pinkalicious is a series of books written and illustrated by Victoria Kann. Pinkalicious (Book) : Kann, Victoria : After eating too many pink cupcakes, Pinkalicious turns pink and enjoys everything about being her favorite color.A little girl, who is obsessed with the color pink, eats so many pink cupcakes that she herself turns pink. Summary: When a mix-up causes her to be placed in the big kids' ballet class rather than her best friend Alison's, Pinkalicious tries to hold her own. Fishing stories. Personal Response- My sister really enjoyed this book because it was full of fun pictures. Bubbles betrothed download pdf. Get the best deal for Victoria Kann Hardcover Books from the largest online selection at This 10th anniversary edition of Pinkalicious features a special sticker and a glittery jacket just for the occasion. She can be disobedient and impulsive at times, but she’s also a patient older sister to her brothers, Peter and Pedro, and sister, Patsy, as well as a good friend, and she’s always confident in speaking her mind. After a day of eating too many pink cupcakes (they're ""pinkalicious!"") Anyone who knows me or reads my reviews knows I don't "do" bad kids. SUMMARY: "Purplicious" is about a young girl named Pinkalicious whose favorite color is pink, however, she is teased at school because all the other students love the color black. Oh, horror! And then the girl turns pink. 2.5 - This is one of my lesser favorites about Pinkalicious. She eats even MORE of the forbidden cupcakes (stealing them fro. She eats so much of the food that she herself turns pink, and the only thing that can cure her is a bunch of green foods. Pinkalicious and the Pink Pumpkin - Pinkalicious is on a search to find a pink pumpkin in this pinkerrific new lift-the-flap book! Pinkalicious The Pinkamazing Storybook Collection (Book) : Kann, Victoria : Contains six favorite Pinkalicious stories in this book. Still, when her parents aren't looking, she sneaks just one more treat, and turns red. Pinkalicious 12-Book Phonics Fun! This 10th anniversary edition of Pinkalicious features a special sticker and a glittery jacket just for the occasion.. Pinkalicious loves all things pink. A young girl who is obsessed with all things pink finds herself turning her favorite color, after eating one too many pink cupcakes. Okay, it IS better than "Goldilicious" in terms of a cohesive story, but I still was not charmed by this annoyingly pink-and-sparkly book with the cartoonish illustrations and ambiguous line on proper behavior.