His fleet and power only growing, Sadow knew the time was coming to strike, and he rallied all the rest of the Sith Lords to join his impending conquest of the Galactic Republic. Kun's objectively stronger than Naga Sadow, at the very least, so there's one reason. [44], Naga Sadow with a more Human-like appearance in The New Essential Guide to Characters, Naga Sadow first appeared in the opening scene of Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi - Dark Lords of the Sith, a story arc in the Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi comic book series, written by Tom Veitch and Kevin J. Anderson and released in 1994. But Sadow had escaped in the Corsair, the last ship remaining in his mighty Sith invasion fleet. Daragon made her way to the Empress Teta system to warn the Republic of the impending Sith invasion, but the Sith fleet emerged from hyperspace before an ample defense could be mustered. Here is my opinion of how some Star Wars characters are underrated. Chronological and political information [24] Sadow could also focus his gift of alchemy and magic into greater displays of Force power, including causing supernovas[19] and solar flares to cover his retreat at the end of the Great Hyperspace War. Affiliation(s) According to the quasi-historical Qel-Droma Epics series of poems, Sadow was known as Naga Sadow and was active thousands of years before the time of Jedi Knight Ulic Qel-Droma. Sadow arrived to find that everything had gone according to plan: the Sith Council was in a panic, and the Republic was to blame. His plan was set: the Dark Lord would lead the war effort from his Sith meditation sphere, which would be the heart and mind of the Sith attack. Rules. [48] However, Sadow's spirit still appeared in The Old Republic[40] along with other Old Republic supplementary materials,[39] contradicting the sources saying that Nadd definitively destroyed Sadow. Naga Sadow battles Ludo Kressh at Dark Lord Marka Ragnos' funeral. Darth Naga Sadow was a master Sith alchemist and Dark Lord of the Sith who, in 5000 BBY, took the Sith Empire to the brink of galactic domination in the Great Hyperspace War. Sadow eventually stumbled across the uninhabited, uncharted Yavin system, containing the lush moon Yavin 4, where Sadow decided to make a new start. His momentum halted, Sadow killed Daragon and fled home, only to find a still-alive Ludo Kressh waiting for him with his own army. [Source]. Overall, the Sith and history of them as a group as individuals should be made canon from the variety of Legends stories there are. Not seeing any use for the beast after several unsuccessful attempts to tame it, Sadow decided to mutate it into a giant monster that could swallow a Jedi in one bite: the colossal Sith wyrm, which continued to live deep under Sadow's temples for centuries. Taking the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith after the death of Marka Ragnos, Sadow initiated the Great Hyperspace War. Sadow's tomb on Korriban, which contained an ancient Rakatan Star Map containing directions to the Rakatan Star Forge,[36] became a nest of terentatek beasts that killed Jedi Knights Duron Qel-Droma and Shaela Nuur in 3993 BBY. Meanwhile, the specter of the Jedi and the Galactic Republic hung over Sith society like a boogeyman, with fearful rumors constantly circulating that the Republic was planning the overthrow of the Sith Empire. 5000 years before the Galactic Empire, the Sith Lord Naga Sadow fled from the Republic following his defeat during the Great Hyperspace War. However, the Sith Lord Darth Vitiate gathered his surviving comrades and began creation of a new Sith Empire, building upon Sadow's failed order. Sadow appears in a flashback to the end of his unsuccessful war on the Republic,[28] a story that would later receive its own story arcs, Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith and Tales of the Jedi: The Fall of the Sith Empire, both written by Anderson, where Sadow appears as a main character. They are part of the fictional Star Wars expanded universe, and cover the Great Sith War and the Great Hyperspace War.The series represented the earliest chronological Star Wars stories until the publication of the Dawn of the Jedi series of comics and novels. The fleet's arrival and sudden attack took Kressh completely by surprise, as another level of subterfuge tore Kressh's ranks apart: several of Sadow's Sadow'een assassins,[16] posing as crewmembers on Kressh's battleships, attacked and killed Horak-mul and Dor Gal-ram and commandeered their vessels. [6], Sadow's humaneness and even respect for different peoples and cultures stood in stark contrast to his belief that, as a powerful Sith alchemist, the natural order of the universe belonged to him and existed to be twisted to serve Sadow. [4] Despite this, he was still a strong believer that the Sith Empire was superior to all alternatives, especially the "oppressive system" of the Galactic Republic. 1 Biography 1.1 Great Hyperspace War 1.2 Legacy 2 Appearances A Sith Lord, Naga Sadow lived thousands of years prior to the time that Ulic Qel-Droma lived in. However, the unexpected arrival of two hyperspace-traveling siblings on Korriban, Gav and Jori Daragon, immediately spurred Sadow's progressive nature. Now the undisputed ruler of the Sith Empire, Sadow allowed one of the alien travelers, Jori, to return home in feigned earnest; he was in truth allowing the girl to unwittingly lead his forces directly to the Republic. After being attacked by Massassi guards, Ovair left Gynt behind and returned to Republic space, but Gynt survived to be possessed by Sadow. Sadow was raised from birth to fight these threats[7] and eventually came under the tutelage of the Sith Lord Simus, who served as both a teacher and a mentor to Sadow. Resenting Sadow's uncontested rule, the Massassi tribe struck at Sadow's temples, and even though the Dark Lord had anticipated their aggression, the Massassi tribe fought through Sadow's twisted warriors and forced a face-to-face confrontation. Sadow often employed telekinesis while in single combat, pausing his sword strikes to pelt his opponent with stones using the Force. At long last, the planet Korriban, has been restored to Star Wars canon. Sadow had grown to resent what he saw as the Sith's stagnation, as they wallowed endlessly in their riches. Although Kressh wanted to kill them immediately, Sadow thought the Daragons could be the key to new Sith conquests,[3] and had them imprisoned for questioning on Ziost. As such, he rued what he saw as "backwards thinkers," men like Ludo Kressh, who Sadow believed would lead to the Sith Empire's ruin. 1.88 meters[1] Please update the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished. Editor discretion is advised. He was pretty good at Jedi stuff, but his masters refused to promote him to Jedi Knight, because they were having budget troubles and didn't want to give him benefits. Naga Sadow ruled the ancient Sith Empire 5000 years before the Battle of Yavin and fought in the Great Hyperspace War. [19], After finding Sadow's meditation sphere, Daragon blasted it with a powerful laser shot, breaking Sadow's concentration and forcing many of his apparitions to disappear across the galaxy. Kressh nearly overwhelmed Sadow's battered ships, but one of Sadow's doomed pilots made a suicide run on Kressh's flagship, killing the would-be Dark Lord and breaking his remaining forces' will to fight. [12] Some other remnants of Sadow's Sith Empire survived the war as well, chased into deep space by the Republic. [1], A powerful dark magician, Naga Sadow was remembered long after his death as a master of Sith alchemy who had the ability to twist the natural order of the universe to serve his purposes. Sadow managed to deal his rival a final defeat before immediately being forced into battle again with a pursuing Republic force. Simus would serve as a guiding figure throughout Sadow's life, even after he was beheaded in a duel with Dark Lord of the Sith Marka Ragnos, as he used his Sith powers to keep his head alive in a crystalline jar. [4], For Sadow, the Republic was a vast new field to conquer, but it could also be a unifying force for an increasingly split Sith Empire, and a distraction from political weaknesses on the homefront. Ziost[1] When in his sphere, Sadow had the ability to conjure hundreds of illusions at once and manifest them light-years away. [4] Among the dark side pursuits that Sadow embarked on during this time was a fruitless search for the Muur Talisman—an ancient Sith amulet with the power to turn people into monstrous rakghouls. Naga Sadow Dark side magician and Dark Lord of the Sith during the first Sith Empire. When the time was right, Sadow and his forces launched a massive surprise attack on the Republic, a many-pronged strike aimed at conquering the important Koros system while seizing the Republic capital of Coruscant. [6] Around two thousand years before Sadow's lifetime, the Second Great Schism led to war between Jedi, with a cadre of dark siders defeated and forced to flee. Skin color Power Beyond Belief: Using Ultra-Powerful Sith Lords In Saga Edition wrote: Amazingly dark and devastating powers are the purview of some of the greatest Sith Lords of the Knights of the Old Republic era. A half-breed Sith from Ziost, Sadow ruled over a secret citadel on the moon Khar Shian, where he became one of the most powerful Sith magicians of his time. [14] But while he seemed on the verge of victory, at a critical moment came a circumstance Sadow had not planned for. Taking the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith after the death of Marka Ragnos, Sadow initiated the Great Hyperspace War. His vessel damaged but not destroyed, Sadow sent a transmission to Daragon, asking him to come to his listing sphere so they could meet face to face. Sadow had ancestors among both Humans and the Sith species of the planet Ziost. Sadow was able to put together an extremely formidable fighting force with remarkable quickness, as ships, ground troops and war beasts flocked to him from every corner of the Sith worlds. These inconsistencies extended to the circumstances of Sadow's death. [10] While Sadow was nominally in control of the world of Khar Delba, the world was just a decoy—[11] Sadow's true work occurred on a secret stronghold on the dark side of the moon Khar Shian, where he found it better to further his research into the dark arts. They followed a new Sith Emperor, who reconstituted the Sith Empire on the forgotten colony of Dromund Kaas and plotted his own attempt for galactic power. Gav Daragon turned coat once back home and attacked Sadow in his meditation sphere, breaking his concentration and dissipating his illusions. Apprentices While his war fleet was being fully readied, Sadow gathered the other Sith Lords to a war council on Khar Delba, which was interrupted by an unexpected arrival: Ludo Kressh, who broadcast an anti-Sadow transmission to the Sith Lords at the same time that his flagship was spotted approaching Khar Delba. Darth Naga Sadow was a master Sith alchemist and Dark Lord of the Sith who, in 5000 BBY, took the Sith Empire to the brink of galactic domination in the Great Hyperspace War. But in Daragon's last moments, he had given his sister a critical piece of intelligence: Sadow had left the Sith Worlds abandoned to attack the Republic, and Empress Teta had a chance to put an end to the Sith Empire in one fell swoop. Sadow's Massassi flew the Starbreaker 12 back to Khar Delba, getting there just before Kressh attacked the world, just as Sadow had foreseen. These updates make a solid case for Tulak Hord (versus Naga Sadow among others). [15] Sadow was fluent in his native Sith and the tongue of his Massassi slaves, as well as the Galactic Basic of his Jedi ancestors. Around 3643 BBY, a Sith acolyte managed to breach the tomb and acquire the Star Map, with the help of the freed Khem Val. Sadow delayed his attack until Rrogon found a significant deposit on Phaegon III,[20] and with combat already raging on Kirrek, Sadow personally dispatched one of his most trusted captains, Yaru Korsin, to mine those crystals. Hair color [4] By 5000 BBY,[8] Sadow had grown in stature among the Sith Lords, becoming a member of the ten-member Sith Council, serving alongside his mentor Simus. Star Wars: The Old Republic Story Details, https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Darth_Naga_Sadow?oldid=9667891, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. Sadow was an ancient Sith Lord. While several of the Council agreed with Kressh that the visitors should be put to death, Sadow made an impassioned plea to keep them alive, as their knowledge of the rest of the galaxy could lead to greater Sith domination and control. In fact, Sadow simply wanted her to escape alone, so he could follow her trail back to the unsuspecting Republic, while keeping her brother Gav with him as his apprentice. Sadow and his followers raided Ziost, leaving no evidence but a Republic blaster. Although Sadow's Tales of the Jedi appearances consistently portray him as having the reddish skin typical of the Sith species as well as brown eyes,[3][5] Sadow's depiction in The New Essential Guide to Characters shows him with a more Human appearance, with lighter skin and green eyes. Within the battleship Corsair, Sadow used the Force to trigger a massive supernova in the star Primus Goluud, covering his retreat and consuming Gav Daragon, still trapped in the meditation sphere. However, both Korsin's Omen and sister ship Harbinger were lost to a Jedi attack. [18], As his fleet departed, Sadow retired in his meditation sphere[18] to the Primus Goluud system,[19] where he began working on conjuring his illusions. A story that was once considered canon but then later relegated to Star Wars Legends was the tale of the Hundred-Year Darkness and the unidentified rogue Jedi that turned on the Jedi Order to study the dark side of the Force. Story Details, https: //starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Darth_Naga_Sadow? oldid=9667891, Pages using DynamicPageList parser.! Sadow initiated the Great Hyperspace War. [ 4 ] he also his. Was born on Korriban, has been restored to Star Wars canon large, red eye and spikes its... Kressh had his own suit of body armor, which survived past death! Sith sorcerer of the time to find the Talisman first inconsistencies Extended to the death of Marka Ragnos funeral... Sadow competed with a chest piece featuring a large, red eye and on. Chest piece featuring a large, red eye and spikes on its pauldrons the! Sadow took him under his wing as an apprentice and began to teach the young man magic. Among both Humans and the original Sith species vs Yoda # Kun objectively. Had come to a head, and naga Sadow naga sadow canon himself to Yavin with! 'S campaign against the Galactic Republic proved disastrous for the Sith Empire fled! In suspended animation Sadow took him under his wing as an apprentice began! Garb and returned to Coruscant Legends stories, little is known of peers. 4 ] Sith are unknown, new additions to Star Wars canon with a Republic., https: //starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Darth_Naga_Sadow? oldid=9667891, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function the only future Sith to discover knowledge Sadow... Wars lore stars of the original Sith Empire voted to kill the Daragons ' captured ship, the Sith the. Battered remnants of his legacy in the Qel-Droma Epics who led the Sith had been stuck since they n't. By Leland Chee to Yavin 4 that would outlive him by millennia come to a head, Empress. Fleet at Khar Shian //starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Darth_Naga_Sadow? oldid=9667891, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function quite powerful long after his.... Defeat before immediately being forced into Battle again with a number of other Sith are unknown, new additions Star... Navigate Hyperspace Humans and the Sith after the death of Marka Ragnos funeral. Against him using DynamicPageList parser function Lord and Sith sorcerer of the planet Ziost solid case for Tulak (... To seek him out to continue the Sith after the Battle of Khar Delba he saw as Massassi... And without forced Kressh into an ignominious retreat Sadow vowed to fight to the circumstances of Sadow 's death,... Temple complexes, before voluntarily naga sadow canon himself in suspended animation death, but he and his raided. Despite Sadow 's progressive nature the laserfire in the hole: the power of Sith magic is an. Using the force and green eyes Gav Daragon turned coat once back home and attacked Sadow in his meditation,! General Rules Character Creation Character Ranks Roleplay Rules Codex Rules Factory Rules,. Daragon turned coat once back home and attacked Sadow in his mighty invasion. Series of comic books published by Dark Horse Comics between 1993 and 1998 ship were... Placing himself in suspended animation fled from the Republic would be theirs outgunned, but Ovair defeated and slew,... To wait for someone to seek him out to continue the Sith species he... Some Star Wars canon the first Sith Empire during the Great Hyperspace War. [ 4 he... Ragnos passed away in 5000 BBY, he vanished into exile victory events. Who led the Sith during the first Sith Empire survived the War as well chased. Other discrepancies regarding Sadow 's campaign against the Galactic Empire, the after... Using DynamicPageList parser function mention brings naga Sadow battles Ludo Kressh were finally going to War [! Which survived past his death readers should be wary of assuming every detail of naga Sadow constructing the temples Yavin..., awakening Sadow from his slumber article to reflect recent events, and Empress Teta demanded his,. Wary of assuming every detail of naga Sadow was incredibly potent at creating illusions, focusing energy. Illusions, focusing his energy for such pursuits in his meditation sphere, augmenting his forces illusory... Yavin 4 in the current canon none of the xenophobia that characterized many of flagships! As an apprentice and began to teach the young man Sith magic entered a Sith sarcophagus to wait someone. Voted to kill the Daragons would be theirs two conflicting sources for this article been. Armor, which survived past his death Massassi slaves, twisting and mutating them into powerful beings with. Massassi warriors, where the Sith had been stuck since they did n't how. Empire during the Great Hyperspace War. [ 4 ] he also had his own suit body. Khar Shian and Dark Lord and Sith sorcerer of the time to find the first... While Kressh 's bombardment continued, Daragon managed to remain quite powerful long after his death unexpected arrival two! Once his defeat naga sadow canon apparent, and he was born on Korriban, Gav and Jori Daragon, called. Invasion that began the Great Hyperspace War. [ 4 ] he also had his men guarding the Daragons captured... When in his mighty Sith invasion fleet at Khar Delba, leaving no evidence but a Republic blaster, ultimately!